Straight Outta Lawton..?

Yeah–and looking straight gangsta.

First off, this Civic catches your attention for a number of reasons-its draped in Seibon carbon-fiber, Sporting a Nardi wood wheel, and nicely tucked 15×8+10 501s. Fast and fitted is always a badass combo.
His brothers RSX is just as clean! MMM…Mugen! Well done fellas!

a few other mods of the Civic:
Tein Type Flex Coilovers
Skunk2 5-way adjustable Camber kit
B16 w/Jackson Racing Supercharger on 11lbs
MFactory LSD

17×8+20 Privat Remembers
Jackson Racing header
Password powerchamber intake
Tein coilovers
Engall camber kit
Tanabe hyper medallion exhaust
hondata reflash

I know things have been slow around here but thanks for the views and everything! I sold my camera, my computer crashed, and I’ve been working crazy hours. Next year will be much bigger and better-ill have my t2i and the scene here is just growing and growing. Were up to 2000 which isn’t bad for no promotion other than just the word of mouth. Look out for more updates/stickers/meets in the months to come! If we get enough people interested in this fitment scene i’d love to start a forum for us but that depends if we can get enough people interested/on board.
Peace & Love



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  1. Thanks man, I like the feature a lot. Keep it going.

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