Jack Tran’s G’d Out G35

Clean, slammed, and daily driven. This ride has seen it all-avoiding potholes at all costs.
And you cant help but to see it being bright laser red-and those wheels just scream for your attention.
Jack and I met up on a hot afternoon without a cloud in the sky but we still managed
to get some good shots and even found a good spot for rolling shots that didnt
interfere with his low ride height-these Oklahoma roads are mostly very poorly upkept.

A set of Volk GTS in 19×9.5 -8 and 19×10.5 -2 nicely wrapped 225/35/19 and 245/35/19.

The motor is beautifully orchestrated by HKS Hi-power exhaust with Art test pipes.

Camber had to be adjusted with Ichiba rear camber arms & SPC front camber arms.

Dropped..no..SLAMMED on Stance Gr+ Coilovers with swift springs.

Other Mods Are:
GT Spec Front Strut Bar
Z tube with apexi drop in filter
5/16 Motordyne iso thermal spacer
Osiris Tune


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  1. hey what kind of after market trunk is that and how much did they get it for… super clean ass G much respect keep up the good work.

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