Looking for Features

With almost 1000 views already this month and over 8000 total, hopefully there are some guys out there who share the views of this blog and others that would like to be featured. If this is you, i would love to feature your slammed or stanced car! Send pics to my email!

Hope to hear from you and lets showcase what creativity and originality this great state has to offer. Oklahoma isn’t just a bunch of cowboys riding around on horses and trailers being torn apart by tornadoes. Let’s show the rest of the US what we have to offer in the car and stance world!

Here’s my pos hatch – its had a lot of changes since my very first post.

oklahoma stance hatch

It’s not about how much money you put into it-it’s about having fun with your car and doing it for yourself.

Sadly i decided to sell my hatch to begin a new project.  Something with air conditioning was a must –  i just couldnt take the heat anymore! Here are some final parting pictures before i sold it. She will be greatly missed, too bad i didnt get to paint and lower it before our departure.

Keep up the great work oklahoma!




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  1. Cars lookin good benzo!!

  2. Love it.. Best regards from iceland! Im coming out to oklahoma next week are there any scheduled car events anywhere going on in the next 2 weeks? Drift, Carmeets or anything going on?

    My ride: http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20861

  3. ^there is the tulsa ifo event on sept. 18.

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