A Looking Back…GSR

Memories are what makes anything we’ve ever done worth the time. They give value to life’s events.
Memories are the things we look back at that remind us of a certain feeling and time in our lives.
And the things we hold onto that remind us of those memories become very dear to our hearts.
But for whatever reason, many of us will part with something we really cared about.
A lot of us have built a car from bone stock or worse, into a visual representation of our personal styles.
Putting our hard earned checks and painstaking hours of labor into something we enjoy everyday.

For Cody Kinsch, his car that got away is this 1997 Acura Integra GSR.
After going through various stages, it last arrived at this. Right before he sold it.
Boasting a Honda Element khaki paint and JDM front end – it effortlessly stands out from the rest.

“This was the car that I took with me on my first year of college. It experienced a lot of changes in both environment, and myself. I made a lot of trips back and fourth from Stillwater to Broken Arrow and it was always a trooper.”

This lowly gentleman here rides on a 15″ set of  XXR 002’s wrapped in Khumo Ecsta 205/40’s.
And bringing it low to the ground are Cusco coilovers, complimented by
a full set of Comptech bars – front, rear, and lower –  enhancing the chassis stability all around.

Wrapping up the exterior styling is a carbon-fiber Mugen-style lip, Password JDM air duct,
Mugen wing, Type R skirts, and Seibon carbon-fiber  hood.

“This car tought me how to drive better out of any car I have ever owned.
I drove it the only way it should have been drove –  hard and fast.”

Thanks to Cody for the amazing photos!

1997 Integra GSR

S2k seats
S2k cluster
Mugen Shift knob
Mugen pedals
Broadway mirror

Honda Element khaki paint
JDM front
C/F Mugen rep lip
Mugen wing
Type R skirts
Seibon C/F hood
Password JDM air duct

Cusco coilovers
Comptech front and rear sway bars
Comptech lower tie bar
Ebay rear camber kit
Skunk2 front UCA
Drilled and slotted F&R rotors
EBC green stuffs pads F&R

Type R internals
Type R ECU
DC sports header
Apexi WS2



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  1. This was a sick ride!

  2. I owned this car. I am in OKC so you know how this story ends…stolen.

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