Jose’s Civic with Steeze

The Honda and stance game has been booming here in the sooner state this year.
As you might have told from all the recent Honda derived posts, standing out is becoming a must.
YES, you can throw a set of Rota’s or XXR’s on and make fitment.
YES, it can look really good but regardless – its been done.

Choosing to stand out from the crowd is Jose Campos and his 2008 Honda Civic Si.
For one, its super low. And secondly, the black on silver looks quite devilish.
But it usually takes a little more than just lowering it and throwing on some wheels.
The owner’s personality and style will define the small details that go into making it original.

Jose decided for wheels he would go with a fail-proof set of Enkei RPF1’S in 17×9+35(30 effectively with spacers).
For a little extra clearance, he has a pretty decent stretch going on with a set of 215/40 all around.
Sit back and relax as we enjoy and marvel at this gorgeous 8th Gen Si.

I love how the fog lights and hfp front lip compliment this front end. Clean and simple with style.
Some like-minded folks may agree – with all that, this car has major STEEZE.
Just as the style with ease contraction implies, this car has a major attitude in a smooth flowing body.

Allowing Jose to tuck his tires tightly into the fenders like this is a set of Skunk2 Pro C Coilovers,
Skunk2 chrome camber arms and to match hes installed a Skunk2 lower tie bar.
I would bet money that hes rubbed his fair share of sidewall down being this low.
Having a fitment like this takes quite a bit of trial and error, along with tons of research.
You don’t just go out and buy whatever set you can get your hands on first.
Depending on your definition and preference of fitment, you’ll make sure you find the perfect width and offset.

To wrap up the overall style, the interior has been modified with a all NRG wheel setup starting with the wood grain steering wheel,  then  had to get short hub so the wheel doesn’t stick out too far, and quick release to tie it all in and keep his Civic more secure.
And adding a little additional flair on the exterior are rain guards and mugen license plate bolts.

As you can see by the profile shots this 76 mm skunk2 exhaust  hangs low. Probably lower than the car itself in some places.
To give that exhaust a proper amount of flow, a Weapon R intake and Hondata Flashpro have been installed.
Seeing performance mods on a stanced car always makes me smile. And it really gets under a haters skin.
“You can’t really drive that thing and it handle like shit with that -10. Why would you waste your money on engine and performance mods on a car you are just gonna hard park at events and drive slow through city streets.”
When, in actuality, most of us who are into fitment have, at one point, been into spirited driving of one sort or another.
From drag, drift, street racing, rally, or autox – wheel selection and stance play a role in how the car performs.
Now we are to a point where we just tweak things here and there to stand out and be different. All makes and models welcome.

“I have had this car since August 2011. Before this car, I was in to performance mainly and built a 500+ hp 2000 si.
I wanted to get into something different and liked the stance look so that was my New direction.
Now its my addiction lol i owe a lot of props to my wife and daughter. They are my biggest fans.”

Be on the lookout for this car in the future. Jose has big…no, HUGE plans coming up on this thing. It’s going to be snapping necks!
With all the plans he has in store, it’s going to be one of a kind around these parts. This car is just Destined to be remembered.

Jose Campos’s 2008 Honda Civic Si

Photo’s By Houa Vue Photography Houa-kage


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