IFO Tulsa, OK – June 3rd

The cars coming out of Tulsa lately have been amazing. I’ve been blown away by the creativity, orginality, and swag.
Giving some of cars a proper showing was this years IFO in Tulsa. Coming from near, and far – the stanced guys came out and represented.
Be on the lookout for more awesome photos here, from Houa Vue! Thanks for the pictures since i dont get to make it up north often.
So without further delay, here’s just some of the rides that came out to strut their stance and hardpark like crazy.

Tony – how you driving that thing all the way to and from Tulsa??

Oh, how i love Houa’s Civic.

You know you’re in Oklahoma when you see this sexy thing next to this boring, stockness.

Be on the lookout for this Integra – COMING SOON!

In addition, i would like to give a shout-out to Oklahomas newest up and coming trophy winners – S.L.O.(style low offset)CREW!
Enjoy the next few pics that give a little insight into what my negros up north got up their sleeves! And remember – SLO KNOWS!

Dao’s feature coming soon!!! Winner of best other Honda!

Thanks as always for stopping by and keep on stancin’


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