Juan’s Acura TSX | The Red Ranger

Now that we have entered the year of 2013 – everything is new and full of possibilities. Our world keeps getting bigger and better.
As the world of car modifications, specifically aggressive fitment, grow and evolve – we are here to give credit where it is due.
Whether you are new to the scene or have been in it all your life, putting your love and personality in our cars is what it’s all about.

Take Juan Soto’s TSX for example. For never having an aggressive fitment before, he knew he didn’t want to just stay on his stock wheels.
No he didn’t go out and buy the most expensive or rare set he could find but he made sure his car wouldn’t just blend in with the rest.
Doing it right the first time doesn’t take a heavy wallet or ballin’ bank account. It takes hard work and an attention to detail.

From the Euro to OEM parts, he nicely blended his personal styles and tastes to be showcased in his car. Clean and simple is always in style.
When your low and slow car is also your daily, it doesn’t seem practical to be the lowest or the widest. Some would – others wouldn’t.
I can’t deny how good a well done daily looks driving around scraping and breaking necks without tearing through tires, exhausts, or lips.

Juan’s TSX screams classy and aggressive in a very modest way. The blend of clean styling along with a low and cambered stance is very tasteful.
Some would say it’s too much while others would demand more. That’s the best part about our car culture. Everyone has their own idea of perfect.
The perfect car to one person might be a huge waste of money and just down right uneconomical to the next. It’s all about personal style.

So, whether your style is bold and aggressive or more conventional and simple – DO YOU!
Don’t modify your car according to your friends taste. Every aspect of you car should reflect your personal budget and needs.
But please may i just ask, for my sake, take a chance. Be a risk taker and go aggressive. Otherwise, I would have nothing to show you guys.

Juan Soto’s Milano Red 2004 Acura TSX
Xxr 521 18×8.5/18×10 with a +25 offset all around
215/40F & 225/40R tires
Function & Form type 1 coilovers
SPC rear camber kit
Euro R front lip
Euro R fog lights
OEM bra
OEM rain guards
CL9 rear window roof visor

Big thanks to Juan for the great pictures and sharing his car with us. He has moved on from this setup and
is looking into something aggressive to run with less rear camber. Can’t wait to see whats next!



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