Simplicity at its Finest!

Simplicity at its Finest! | Xai’s 06 Honda Accord

It requires a good quality build to “break ones neck”. That ranges from baller wheels to frame scraping slam, crazy offset to negative camber and peanut butter to jelly (Really, it does). Take Xai Yang’s 06 Honda Accord EXL for instance.


Its simplicity at its finest! No crazy offsets or crazy camber but it sure does the job of “BREAKING NECKS”! It’s not that often that you see slammed Accords but when you do they are usually quite jaw dropping.


xai4 copy

Xai’s Accord is dropped on Function and Form Type 1 coil overs. Wheel set up is Avant Garde M220, 18X9 +35 wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 215/40R18 for that nice clean stretch.  That stance sure does make her dance……..even me. 😀

xai3 copy


Xai is in the stance scene but it doesn’t hurt to have a few performance parts. Xai is running Magna Flow Dual exaust, RVG V3 J-Pipe, and Fujita Intake. Also a few JDM goodies, VIS V-spec front lip, OEM Honda Visors, Inspire trunk lid, Hybrid taillights, and Inspire Foglight reps.


xai1 copy

Stay tuned for more updates on this beautiful Honda Accord!


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