Oklahoma’s drift scene has been crazy to keep up with.
The amount of talent and the number of driving has exploded!
I can barley keep up with all the awesome content!
This last event was the first round of competition in Stroud.
May 23rd brought cars from all around to the old mall’s lot.
From shopping destination to Oklahoma drift mecca,
the location has been pivotal in proving there is a market here.
Today’s visuals are brought to you by some of Oklahoma’s finest.
Pixel Hawk Aerial Photography has the wicked drone skills
while Romere photography brought us some amazing images.
I never thought when we started OKSTANCE 5 years ago
that the car scene here would be so big and united.
That’s what i had always hoped for but didn’t see it
coming together like this for a few more years.
Oklahoma is so set in its backward ways, the thought
of having people have all the LS swaps, competitive drifting,
car shows with grip and drift — it just didn’t seem likely.
Thank you so much to all the fans, enthusiasts, drivers,
builders, photographers, and videographers.
Thank you for making Oklahoma a better place to live.


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