Hello again from another Import Face-Off from Noble, OK.
We were lucky enough to get coverage from a bunch of talented local photographers and the turn out was one of the best I’ve seen in years. The quality of the cars that came out was pretty mind blowing. There was a widebody lexus, a Ferrari,  supras, evos, and s2000’s – there was something for every car guy. Seeing all the personality and style going into these rides brings a huge smile to my face, because that’s what its all about. Keep modding guys and stay passionate! Our car scene would be nothing without all of you.

All this awesome coverage could not be possible without all the awesome photographers, coming together from around the state, to bring you these stunning visual images of what I like to call, automotive art. Please, go check them out and follow their pages. And if you love their work as I do, contact them for a photoshoot.

Dylan Kolohe Clayborn

Jack Xiong

 THEPPHOTOGRAPHY London Thephachanh // Dallas Thephachanh

Franklin Ramirez [AERO MEDIA]


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