YEEEAH BUDDY! Import Face-Off in Tulsa was legit! Cars from all over the Midwest came out and repped hard. So many quality cars in one place, you’d almost forget you were in Oklahoma. While I wasn’t able to attend, our friend Jack Xiong brought his camera with him and grabbed a few fire shots for us. I really can’t thank him enough for blessing his lens so we may bless this page with all these great photos.🙏 Just as the quality of the cars and builds have been rising, the quality of media coming out of Oklahoma these days is really amazing. We at OKSTANCE.COM are very humbled that you allow us to share the work of our local artists and that everyone supports the movement as a whole.

In addition to some stunning images, we have an equally talented media artist who made a video. Created by Kadeem Willock, it shows all different aspects of the show for a second POV. He did an awesome job, so please, take a moment and watch in HD.

As many of you are in the stages of building, and rebuilding – we challenge you to build your car, in your style, for yourself. Getting some internet fame is cool to a point, but if you didn’t build it to reflect your style and individuality – why are you doing it? Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done, and if they do, prove them wrong. Thanks for coming to check out our coverage and feel free to contact us to share your car or media, on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM.


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