No, you aren’t seeing things. No, This isn’t photoshopped. This is a real thing. And I, personally, love it! What you see before you is a 2013 Fiat 500c, Abarth edition, stanced – IN OKLAHOMA. Such a unique twist to your typical stanced import or big body car. Owned by Stevie Fernandez, he has transformed his gas sipper into this tiny neck breaker with just a handful of modifications.

One of the first things you notice are these brightly colored ESM wheels. They were custom redrilled by ESM to his 4×98 lug pattern. Then they were wrapped by Huber Wraps to really pop along with all the stripes and badging they added. It really brings out the design of the wheel and just has a super sporty look to the little car. The ESM-019 design flows with the modern look of the Fiat and the 17×8+20 wheel fills up the wheel arches flawlessly thanks to some fender massaging by Kustoms Dreamz Garage.

Other than a few subtle mods, Steven wanted to keep the car as stock as possible. That was part of the main objective with getting such a unique car in the first place to modify. Buy an affordable car, to keep stock, that isn’t really fast but is really fun to drive. After searching and searching for the perfect Abarth soft top with all the bells and whistles, he found the perfect one and canned the old Colbalt SS he had.
Other than continuing on the color scheme, the inside is very much stock also. You’ll find a clean white shift knob from Ngen customs and performance, to give the manual gearbox a more sporty feel and look – but everything else was left untouched. The heated leather seats and beats audio were defiantly a must on Stevie’s checklist.

If you were to set out to create a fun and sporty economy car, this might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Hopefully, this feature can sway your opinion to possibly think of something more outside the box. It’s not everyday you come across an affordable,   manual, turbo, convertible, with all the options, and great sounding exhaust – in such a great economical package from the factory. I can defiantly see why he chose this platform for a daily driver. The only thing under the hood that isn’t factory is the MPX blow-off valve to make the shifts even more exciting.

Lowering this thing to the ground is a full set of V-maxx coilovers. Just lowering and massaging the fenders weren’t quite enough to get the fitment just right. For further tweaking, a set of 500madness rear camber plates allowed everything to get dialed in for a perfect fit. I can honestly say, for such a small, simplistic car – as it sits currently, it looks incredible and has such a huge visual presence that you can’t ignore. Not content with everything yet, Stevie says hell keep adding small things over time so keep posted!

Thanks to Blake Gowriluk for the great shots. Check him out on INSTAGRAM.



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