Cleanest of the cleanest | PROPERGANG

I started as a brand to help grow the car culture and car community in Oklahoma. To bring the best of the best out from any where in/out of town. The scene here is amazing! It has been growing fast and strong! CRAZY AIR RIDE CARS AND CRAZY STATIC CARS! I want to thank everyone for their support. I have gained so much motivation and inspiration! It can only get better from here!

John Thach

The first Stance show in Oklahoma City, OK was awesome! It was stressful but it was worth it. Seeing everyone having a good time, meeting new people, and enjoying these nice rides! SPECIAL THANKS TO TILSON INNOVATIONS! PARKD MEDIA, SAVAGE MEDIA, LUIS LEBRON, SLAMDMEDIA.CO ON THE MEDIA COVERAGE. After movie/ Recap will soon be posted!

21768592_308703959605543_7497145990099107310_o21994323_308704012938871_7343519906303228156_oBEST OF STANCE – IG: @that1low15

Best of Show – @rosario29r

This SHOW IS VOTED BY THE PEOPLE. No “hE WoN cAuSe He’S FrIeNdS wItH tHe jUdGeS” * * Insert spongebob meme * * excuses. Each car that was chosen for top 10 was well deserved in different aspects and tastes of other car enthusiasts, which we agree with their taste.

21768538_308707766271829_4844592036096255983_oIG – @justcbass

IG – @steve_bagged_mk4

IMG_9528IG – @s2kunicorn IMG_9526IMG_952222047827_308701599605779_6201320558677957919_oIG – @phat_tl_types

IMG_9521IG – @tilsoninnovations

HIS&HERS #THETILSONSIMG_951721768625_308704422938830_7873992744991494138_oIG – @dub_tech21768771_308708072938465_8659806921290998218_oIG – @MrBrennen21768714_308704336272172_5897376485663919525_oIG – @cj_frs

IG – @_jake2is_

21768971_308705002938772_1133361691124538095_oIG – @2low_lando21950821_308704676272138_8037059678672733563_o

IG – @omgsti22042062_308704272938845_1165057487288549503_oIG – @_lowbynature_IMG_9531IG – @sr.vargas21994064_308706049605334_1744566003765485151_oIG – @hunter_thep21949759_308705936272012_2730332277144082025_oIG – @dallas_thephachanhIMG_9524IG – @lowishishtibby

IG – @trvpncivic



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